Are music lessons worth it during quarantine?

Well as a music teacher, of course I’m going to say yes, right? Well yeah. But let’s talk about it.

During the quarantine, finances have been getting tight. We have more free time than ever before, but less money to spend on non-essentials. And with so much going on in the world - all the stress we’re facing on the daily - music lessons may fall to the wayside. Some music teachers aren’t teaching virtually. Perhaps your child’s lessons have been canceled. Perhaps it just doesn’t seem like a priority any more. With everything going on, why should we care about keeping up with music lessons?

Music provides structure and discipline.

When everything around us is going crazy, a little bit of structure can be so reassuring. Continuing with weekly music lessons can help provide some consistency for your child. Having to meet with a teacher and work on reaching set goals is such a good thing. Working to be prepared for the next lesson requires a strong work ethic - and that’s important no matter what’s going on in the world.

Even when life is constantly changing, having at least one thing, such as weekly music lessons, that doesn’t change can be so grounding. Experts have recommended continuing with routines even through quarantine, and committing to music lessons can provide a part of that routine. Music lessons require daily practice. And daily practice provides structure. When life has no consistency, music practice still does.

Music relieves stress.

Now, not every music student is going to agree with this statement. Believe me, I’ve shed my fair share of tears over my violin practice. But when I’m feeling down or when I’m feeling overwhelmed, what do I do? That’s right. I get out my violin and make music. Everyone knows listening to music relieves stress, but if you’re not a musician, you have no idea the extent that music can help.

Right now life is about as stressful as it’s ever been. What better time to invest in a practice that helps relieve some of that stress and anxiety? At Open Music Institute we know not every student is going to become a career musician. Maybe they’ll never make a cent off their music playing. That doesn’t matter. Our goal is to help every student become a #forevermusician. Music is a wonderful tool to have. When life is overwhelming, music can help your child have a creative outlet for the stress they’re experiencing.

Music creates community.

Music brings people together. Like with good food, people are drawn to music. People form memories around their favorite songs, sing together around a campfire, and dance together like no one’s watching. Music is a beautiful, powerful thing. And having the ability to make music is so empowering.

One of my absolute favorite things to do is get some friends together and make music. Just jam. While jam sessions with friends may not be an option right now, making music can still bring families closer together. You can create community with your family through music. Make memories together during this quarantine.

In conclusion…

Of course music is worth it! Music lessons do require an investment, and that’s not insignificant. But the benefits you’ll reap are so worth it. Even when your little one squeaks out their first violin solo of “Twinkle Twinkle,” your heart is going to swell with pride. It takes a lot of hard work for them to get to that point. And that hard work is going to do so much good for them.

So perhaps during this crazy time, consider adding some consistency with weekly music lessons. And never underestimate the value of music lessons. I wouldn’t trade my music training for the world.

If you live in the Greenville, SC area, I am currently offering violin, viola, and ukulele lessons in person. If you live somewhere else, I also offer lessons online. There’s an option for everyone. I’ll look forward to speaking with you about setting up music lessons!

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